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Roguevive » Prelude is here

Hello everyone,

The prelude is here and available to download. I will keep the updates coming to that version, seems to make more sense.
I activated the Cloud Saving, so if you open the Demo and afterwards open the Prelude, it should carry your progress, but in case it don’t, here’s a tutorial on how to manually carry the save file.

Save location tutorial

On your steam, Right-click the Roguevive and go to Managa > Browse Local Files

Once on the Local Files, access Roguevive > Saved > SaveGames

There is a file named “saveGame.sav”, that is the one you need to copy and paste to the same directory on the Prelude.

That’s it, any problems, feel free to send a message or leave a discussion on the forum, I will help those who need it.

Also I made some fixes, mostly multiplayer QOL.

Patch notes:
  • Changed reload bar color for better visibility
  • Slightly changed the Shotgun Wolf color in comparsion to the normal Wolf.
  • Now hides auto shoot marker when overring the auto aim with the shoot button.
  • Added lots of animations to the menu, and changed the selected borders for a better visibility.
  • Fixed the lobbies menu covering the refresh button
  • Fixed Endless Movement Speed Bonus not being reflected on Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Endless Health Bonus not being reflected on Multiplayer.
  • Fixed Big sized enemies not being big on multiplayer clients.
  • Fixed Xp Sound not playing on Multiplayer Clients.
  • Fixed Dash effect not appearing on Multiplayer.
  • Explosive Step now always generates an explosion, since the dash was nerfed this skill needed an upgrade, will make further changes on a later patch.
  • New upgrade option Knowledge.

As always, thanks for the feedback.