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Rift Loopers » Pre-Release Patch

Hello Loopers!

We are preparing for the 1.0 release of Rift Loopers in the next month or so, an exact date is still to be set but will be announced in the coming weeks!

With 1.0 release, we have accomplished everything we set out to achieve in our EA roadmap – but this is not the end! Development will continue on Rift Loopers to bring you more content throughout the year – New Maps, Enemies, Power Ups, Abilities and more will be coming as FREE updates, but new characters will be made available only through DLC packs.

As such, the price at 1.0 will remain at 4.99 USD!

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Patch Notes

  • Updated weapon icons
  • New power ups available – Health Boost and Drone Strike
  • Map selection button added to Lobby Hud
  • Added Player indicator beneath character – can be disabled in Gameplay options
  • Map Loading Images added
  • New Enemy: Exploder – avoid getting caught in their blast on death!
  • Players now bleed when hit
  • Enemies blood is now green and leaves pools when damaged
  • Urban Hell / Soulless Suburbs lighting tweaked
  • other minor fixes

Add on Patch

  • Dodge Mechanic added (Space/Left Bumper default keys)
  • Exploder enemy damage increased
  • New Power Up – Mine Dodge – Drop mines when ever you dodge
  • New Power up – Stun Dodge – Stun all enemies close to you when you dodge

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