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Rift Loopers » Power Up Patch

Hello Loopers!

Introducing the Valkyrie!

Buff you allies and wreck havoc with dual melee weapons!

New Gameplay Mechanic: Power Ups

Power ups are temporary buffs that will empower your characters while you are in a loop – some last the whole loop, while others expire with time. Some example of these are Armor Power ups which will reduce all damage for the whole match and Double Damage Power Up which doubles all your damage for 30 seconds!

Power ups have a chance to be dropped from stashes!

Back at base, you can purchase some power ups that effect your character the whole match, such as armor or Mobile defib which will return your character to 50% HP when you get hit with a killing blow! These are purchasable while in the lobby, are non refundable, and only last the next match, so purchase them wisely!

Patch Notes

  • Power up mechanic added
  • Valkyrie Class added – Buff you allies and wreck havoc with the second melee class!
  • Lifetime objective counter added
  • New Boss added – watch out for his ranged tongue attack!
  • Blood Lust challenge requirements reduced to 750 kills
  • Blood Lust challenge now calculates both players at end of a match in coop
  • 3 seconds of invulnerability added after a revive
  • Players who die while trying to revive others will no longer trigger revive
  • Melee weapons now correctly add bonus damage
  • Melee weapons bug fixed where auto attack would stop on double click
  • Other minor fixes

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