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Battle Shapers » Power Transfer Update – V0.2.0

Hi Shapers!

I’m excited to tell you that we’ve just hit our first roadmap milestone! Thank you so much for the enthusiasm, patience, advice and more, it’s helped carry our team to where we are now. Lots of cool things to share with all of you, so let’s jump right into it.


A New Cipher Cloud Talent: Power Transfer

The Power Transfer enables you to transfer modifiers and power from unwanted weapons and abilities onto new shiny gear. This will extend the lifetime of your favorite weapons and abilities within a run, and also enables you to amass powerful combinations of modifiers to supercharge your gear. Power Transfer will replace Recycling completely, if you unlocked the Recycle talent in a previous version, you will automatically have access to Power Transfer!

NOTE: There are some modifiers that will be incompatible with certain pieces of gear. In some cases this was a choice made for balance, and in some cases due to technical limitations. We will be reducing modifier incompatibility due to technical limitations in the next few patches to improve the variety and versatility of the Power Transfer feature.

A New Ability: Thundersnap

Thundersnap is summoned by a quick movement of Ada’s fingers, causing striking shaper-bolts to appear and zap multiple enemies in a large cone in front of her! Thundersnap creates a powerful shock, causing affected bots to flinch, and temporarily deal less damage.

A New Weapon: Infernal Stinger

The Infernal Stinger is a brand new, extra shiny charge rifle. Unlike some of our more fast-firing guns, the Infernal Stinger charges up and automatically unleashes a burst of 6 superheated bolts of Pyro-based energy in scattered white-hot spikes.

A New Enemy: The Pyronaut

Give a (very) warm welcome to our new enemy, the Pyronaut! Unlike the Juggernaut you know and loathe so well, this bot can shoot napalm bombs instead of the usual missiles. The fire that falls from these projectiles falls on to the ground and remains for quite some time, making the ground hot with danger!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Pyronaut doesn’t have a shield, but it does have two flamethrowers that will gladly cook you alive if you get too close.

New Languages: Turkish and Russian!

Some of you were wondering if we would ever add Turkish or Russian in the new future. Well, good news! The game is now available in both languages! 🙂

New Challenge: Cache Keys

Now as you traverse through the towers in search of Overlords, you’ll occasionally find Cache Key challenges. If you’re able to use your movements and the environment cleverly to collect all Cache Keys within a set period of time, you’ll earn additional weapons, abilities or core enhancers!

Last, but not least, here are some other gameplay changes and fixes we’ve completed alongside the new content! We’ve added asterisks beside community-suggested/frequently mentioned asks:

Gameplay and Balance

  • Added the “Starting Ability” talent cipher
  • Added the “Trap Resistance” talent cipher
  • Added one arena and one traversal to Gravity Gardens*
  • Added one-shot prevention: If the player takes a single hit of lethal damage while above XXXX% health, they will instead be left with 1 health*
  • Separated vertical and horizontal controller sensitivity
  • Barriers and Buff Generator health will now scale up with run progression
  • Increased gear level of uncommon and rare weapons and abilities has been removed in favor of additional empty mod slots for Power Transfer
  • New saves will now start with the Needleator unlocked by default to improve initial weapon variety*
  • Improved lighting on the items inside vaults to make it easier to identify at a quick glance
  • Further reduced loading screen time*
  • Further reduced overall memory usage of the game

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused challenge information to not display correctly in Shaper Rift parkour challenges at the top of the HUD
  • Fixed a bug that caused Vaults to display the Credit icon even when the cost was health
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mirrorshot Turret to ignore Wind Magistrate
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Gyrovolt Turret to not apply Shock stacks to enemies
  • Fixed a bug that caused Resonance to apply 10 stacks of Slow to Juggernauts
  • Fixed a bug that caused “last shot” weapon modifiers to trigger on the second to last shot as well
  • Fixed a bug that caused an extra Gunner Drone to spawn during the Strike Mantis boss fight
  • Fixed a bug that caused the pink Exposed state effect to not display in Shaper Rifts
  • Fixed a bug that enabled players to start a challenge before clearing a room
  • Fixed a bug that caused grass to appear over traps and challenges in Gravity Gardens
  • Fixed a bug that caused Grinders to get stuck in the walls in Gravity Gardens
  • Fixed a bug that caused traps to not appear in the Robotics Factory boss arena
  • Fixed a bug that caused a specific Corrupted Nest challenge to not grant rewards in Gravity Gardens
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck in a moving platform in Gravity Gardens
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to be returned to the wrong position when completing a Shaper Rift challenge in Robotics Factory
  • Fixed a rare bug causing significant FPS drops in Robotics Factory
  • Fixed a bug causing bullets from traps to go through walls
  • Fixed a bug causing no minimap to display in the Proteus Adapter unlock room
  • Fixed various minor visual issues throughout the game
  • Fixed various minor collision issues throughout the game

Can’t wait to share more exciting things with you in the not-so-distant future. Hope you have a wonderful time with all these new additions. Let us know what you think by writing on the Steam Discussion boards or on our Discord.

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