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Razerwire: Nanowars » Post MayThe4th-ic Chill

Hello dear players of RWNW!!

Sales are over, and with it the MayThe4th Edition too. The traditional Generators are back in place, only the beam remained by mistake the MayThe4th Edition color for now 😉

Anyway, there will be a new Special Edition next month, with a couple of additional tiny fixes and possibly a new powerup too, so stay tuned if you wanna try them in action! I am also still experimenting with the Controller integration, but up until now I didn’t find any comfortable integration with the game gameplay. RWNW is really mouse bound, so it’s hard to break that bond somehow!

As a last thing, a big big thanks to everybody that left a review. Reviews are what keeps a game afloat or sinks it on Steam nowadays, and while RWNW might not be a top seller, I am extremely proud of how it’s doing and of the 100% current positive reviews ratio.

Emiliano, @DokHgn