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Armaggeddon » Post Launch Update – Version 0.2.0

Thanks to some helpful reviews and feedback, I’ve been able to address several UI annoyances, and made some input additions.

  • Closing the steam overlay won’t unpause the game with the pause menu still open
  • No more negative health when you get wrecked
  • Pressing back or escape will now go back 1 page instead of returning to the main menu during map/mech/pilot selection
  • Misc UI centering
  • Controller movement deadzones reconfigured – controller movement should be smoother
  • New control settings option menu: two new options and view controls.

New option: Manual Rotation
Enabled by default, this allows the mouse or right controller stick to directly control the mech’s rotation.

New Option: Auto Recenter
Enabled by default, this affects controllers only. If enabled, you need to hold the right controller stick down to maintain the rotation you want.