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Rift Rangers » Post Launch Update: Stats Screen, Balancing and New Music!

Greeting Rangers!

It’s been exactly one week since launch, and we really appreciate all of your gameplay videos, reviews and feedback. It’s been amazing and has helped us with our updates.

And on that segue: we’re deploying our latest update! Here are the key changes:

It’s helpful to know how much damage you’re inflicting The Master Brain’s minions, so we added a after battle report in the form of a stats screen. It will show up at the end of each battle with very straightforward stats: damage totals and DPS. Now you get to see EXACTLY how much pain you’re bringing the baddies!

The Curse Turret ended up haunted unfortunately, and as a direct result the fire animation wasn’t showing correctly. After a carefully executed interdimensional exorcism, the fire animation is now working properly.

The [Exploit] damage wasn’t calculating correctly. And of course, that will not do! It is only fair to all sides concerned that damage is properly applied. We don’t need the monsters crying foul.

To complete its work, the Beam Turret needed a little more time, so we buffed the duration. The baddies are NOT pleased with this update.

Mega Mecha Power Up Changes:

When granted power by the Mega Mecha, your Void Beam now does MORE damage. The baddies are really not pleased with this development.

While the Ultra Saw is ultra-awesome, the Rangers needed a little more range when granted this power by the Mega Mecha; so we buffed it. The baddies have lodged a formal complaint with the interdimensional review board over this.

Another power receiving an upgrade: the Mega Ray! The Ranger fires even faster once empowered. The baddies have now applied for an injunction against any further RiftTech phenomenalness citing a perceived power imbalance.

Sadly, due to interdimensional pressures regarding our super cool RiftTech updates, we have to show some form of balance. So, we decreased the Mega Ray’s damage a little (the fire rate already makes up for the difference but we’re keeping that to ourselves. Shh!).

Localization Update:
We’re pretty that The Master Brain somehow interfered with our localization text and caused us to miss some. We have found it and corrected it. Nice try Master Brain!

New Music!
We updated the victory and defeat music themes to better integrate with the overall musical awesomeness of the game.

We can’t wait for you to try out the new changes! Let us know your thoughts. We’re available here and on the major social platforms including Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Too much? How about an update TL;DR?

  • Added new stats screen to show damage totals and DPS at the end of battle
  • Fixed issue with [Exploit] damage not being calculated correctly
  • Fixed issue with Curse Turret not showing the correct fire animation
  • Lengthened Beam Tower’s duration during power up
  • Increase Void Beam’s damage during power up
  • Increased Ultra Saw’s range during power up
  • Increased Mega Ray’s fire rate during power up
  • Decreased Mega Ray’s damage during power up
  • Updated missing localization text
  • Changed defeat and victory music