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Hades » Post-Launch Patch – March 2021

This small patch contains various minor improvements and fixes to issues reported by our players. We hope you’re enjoying your days / nights in the Underworld!

Note: 📢 indicates a change inspired by community feedback!

Infernal Arms, Aspects, & Abilities

📢 Shield of Chaos (Beowulf Aspect): loading Bloodstone ammo during a Bull Rush now works reliably

Boons & Blessings

Trippy Flare (Dionysus): fixed this dealing less damage than expected using the Bow‘s Aspect of Hera
Icy Flare (Demeter): fixed this not correctly registering as a prerequisite for Winter Harvest (Demeter)

Foes & Encounters

📢 Bother: fixed an issue where these remained passive after using the —– of the —- Keepsake

Voice & Narrative

• Fixed Zagreus and Hades not snarking about Color Trim purchases from the House Contractor
• Fixed rare cases where the first meeting with Sisyphus didn’t have the intended dialogue
• Fixed a rare sequencing issue that could occur in the subplot between Dusa and Nyx
📢 Other minor fixes


📢 Various fixes and improvements to localized text in different languages
• Added several names to Localization, Translation, and Special Thanks in the Credits

Bug Fixes

📢 Fixed a rare crash in the Courtyard interacting with the Shield while using the Aspect of Guan Yu
📢 Fixed an issue preventing the ‘Pom-Powered!’ Victory Commendation from appearing
📢 Fixed Nourished Soul (Demeter) sometimes dropping a healing item where you cannot get it
• Other minor fixes

Quote of the Patch

‘Howl, Furies, howl, you bloody ravening pack,
Gorged with this house’s blood, yet thirsting still;
The victim bleeds: come, Fiends, and drink your fill!’
~Agamemnon (Aeschylus; P. Vellacott translation)