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Knight Overloaded » Please let us know what aspects of the game you would like to see improved!

Major Changes are Coming to Knight Overloaded. Before that, we aim to determine the direction of these changes based on your feedback.

To give you an idea of the current direction, we plan to make fundamental changes in terms of balancing and blocks (items). We intend to diversify the patterns of enemies and increase their speed to maintain tension. However, to prevent the game from ending with just one hit, we are planning to decrease the damage dealt. As for the blocks, even though there are many types at the moment, it’s challenging to create synergies, and players often don’t get the blocks they want. As a result, even after clearing several rounds, there’s no change in the backpack, making it hard to feel the joy of becoming stronger. Therefore, we plan to simplify and unify the basic blocks, enhancing the fun of gradually getting stronger through various block combinations.

Whether it’s radical or minor, all feedback is welcomed. Graphics, sound, content, balance – everything. If you could share your valuable opinions in the comments, it would be of great help for our upcoming updates.

We look forward to your active participation!