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Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor » Playtest now live!

Hello Survivors.

We have just sent out the first round of invites to the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Playtest. This is the first time we are distributing the game to a wider audience which is both nerve wracking and very exciting for us. The purpose of this playtest is to gather feedback from a wider range of players than we have been able to previously, testing on a wider range of hardware, with players on both ends of the genre-skill bell curve.

The Playtest is a small taste of what the Early Access release will look like (which in turn is a small taste of what the full release will look like). If you feel like the game is currently lacking in certain ways, remember that we are a very small team working hard to improve it every day.

Q: How do I give feedback?
A: We have a system set up on our Discord to create threads with bug reports, and cards with feature suggestions that can be voted up/down by the community. If you insist on using the Steam Hub for feedback, we will read that occasionally too.

Q: When are you sending out more invites?
A: We will be inviting more people throughout this week and next at irregular intervals, so keep an eye out for an email from Steam that says “You’ve been invited to help test Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor”.

Q: How long will the playtest last?
A: A couple of weeks. We will be sure to give you a warning a couple of days in advance before we close it, so you have time for one last dive.

Q: I didn’t get in 🙁 Why don’t you just let EVERYONE in?
A: The purpose of the playtest is to get actionable feedback, not to be overwhelmed by it. We will make a demo for everyone later this year, so you get to try the game before our Early Access launch.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the playtest, and look forward to hearing your feedback. We are making this game for you.

Rock and stone!

Funday Games

PS. We’ve just added an extra way to get a key for the Playtest (if you’re lucky). Sweepwidget is a bit like where you can get a few entries to a giveaway by following our socials and wishlisting the game. We’re giving out 250 keys with this on Friday.