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Xenoraid: The First Space War » Player feedback update 1.1.2 now live!

Hello starfighters!

After watching Xenoraid out in the wild for some months, we’ve collected some of the most common items of player feedback and addressed them. We also included some items we just quite didn’t get done by release.

Overall the update evens out some of the rougher edges of the game, making it overall somewhat easier and player friendly.

The update is now live, and here’s the list of changes:

– Restart option added to Pause menu and Mission Failure screen
– primary weapons’ passive cooldown is now faster
– Advanced Weapon Coolant tech upgrade now reduces weapon heat generation in addition to shortening weapon lockdown duration
– last block of fighter repair price is now lowered according to actual repair need
– dense asteroid fields now last for a shorter time
– Chapter 4 boss now has less saucer enemy minions
– enemy energy shields now stay down longer and regenerate slower
– enemy energy mortar strike vessel now stays stationary for a maximum of 10 seconds even without receiving damage
– enemy energy shield vessels now recover from EMP stun with shields down instead of shields up
– heavy drones spawned from drone carriers can’t fire immediately after spawning any longer
– Heat Transfer Chamber upgrade for the Flechette Cannon now increases damage at all heat levels instead of high heat level only
– ammo pickups in Survival now show an “Ammo Full” text when ammo is full
– Survival prelaunch menu screen Back button now navigates to Survival level selection, not main menu
– various graphical improvements
* the same fire and smoke effect is used for all gunships’ destroyed weapon pods
* larger 75/100mm Cannon muzzle flash effect
* new end of mission splash text effect
* minor performance optimizations

We’re also celebrating the update with a Weeklong Deal discount of 50%! Now’s a great time to check the game out again, write a Steam review (we’d especially enjoy these), and recommend the game to a friend!