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In Woods » Play with Brute Fighter

Hi Everyone,

In Version 0.2, a new character: Brute Fighter is added into the game! Brute Fighter is a character with high Health Recovery & Knockback Force. Besides, a Refund Button is added on Upgrade Page for trying different builds. Also, there are some modifications and bugs fix come with this version. Please feel free to check it out!

New Features
  • Add New Character: Brute Fighter
  • Add New Magic Item: Bread
  • Add New Magic Item: Sausage
  • Add a Refund Button on Upgrade Page for Reset & Refund All Upgrades
  • Add Visual Effect for Cursed Coin
  • Add New Achievement: Brute Fighter Expert
  • Archer Initial Walk Speed modify to 1.8
  • Increase Attack Speed of Bat
  • Increase Attack Speed and Walk Speed of Sword Skeleton
  • Reaper will face to survivor after teleport
  • Increase Light Intensity of Skeleland
  • Increase Emission Effect on Cobra Eyes
  • Increase the size of Experience Bar
  • Action Mirror will also affect Air Orb & Wooden Kunai
Bugs Fix
  • Fix wrong button display when Upgrading
  • Fix wrong hair color display on Character Select Page
  • Fix wrong text display on Level Select Page