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Gatekeeper » Play Gatekeeper: Eclipse from Feb. 27!

Hello Gatekeepers!

We are thrilled to announce that Gatekeeper: Eclipse will be released on February 27th! We cordially invite everyone to join us in experiencing this highly anticipated release and to share your thoughts on it.

Let’s embark on this new adventure together!

Release trailer:

Since the playtest back in January and incredible feedback from our community, we added a lot of new features to the game, such as:

  • Added controller support.
  • When activating obelisks, artifacts no longer need to be physically collected. A choice between two artifacts appears in the UI with a brief description.
  • When selecting an artifact, time slows down so that the player can read the descriptions.
  • Artifact descriptions now include a note on the type of stat growth when stacked. Logarithmic, linear, or exponential growth.
  • Wording in item descriptions has been changed for readability.
  • Protection against killing gatekeepers with one hit.
  • Almost all keys can now be remapped.
  • The indicator under the character’s feet now changes color depending on the gatekeeper’s health level.
  • Aurora is now available regardless of the outcome in The Nowhere.
  • A new siren named Prince. He will replace Tarra in Aurora.
  • The basic difficulty level of The Nowhere has become significantly easier.
  • If attempting to use a skill on cooldown, a sound indicating the action’s unavailability will play.
  • The delay after skill use has been removed, allowing for planning of spell chains.
  • Gatekeeper controllers have been redesigned, and control is now much more responsive.

And many other small but important changes!

Thank you,
Gravity Lagoon

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