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Kingdom » Pizza Possum – A new game by Kingdom’s creator!

Hey Kingdom Fans!

This is Thomas here, creator of the original Kingdom🏰✨. Firstly, a sincere thank you to each of you for being a part of the Kingdom journey with me. Your enthusiasm has always been the driving force behind my passion for game development.I wanted to share something new and quite different from the world of Kingdom. Together with my amazing friend Friedemann, we present to you

🍕Pizza Possum🦝

It’s an arcade stealth game that’s light-hearted and engaging. While Pizza Possum has its own unique toppings, fans of Kingdom might recognize a sprinkle of my game design philosophy baked right in.If you’ve enjoyed the atmosphere and creativity of Kingdom, I believe you might find a different kind of joy in Pizza Possum. Do give it a try!

Thank you for your continuous support. Here’s to new adventures! 🐾