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Pixel Gun Master » Pixel Gun Master Roadmap Update – November 2023

Hello, Gunners

The future roadmap for Pixel Gun Master has been revealed!

We will be releasing updates every 2-4 weeks until all content is updated.
Updates will include new features, more stages, usability improvements, new characters, and more.

Goals for the roadmap

Some of you who have played the game right now have no doubt expressed your frustration with the lack of content, and we know that the lack of objectives after beating the current bosses can turn people off quickly, so we’re prioritizing content expansion to keep you coming back for more.

There are tons of features that we haven’t even scratched the surface of yet, which you can see in our roadmap below. We’re confident that with each new feature on the roadmap, we’ll be able to address some of your frustrations and add some new fun that will motivate you to tackle dungeons again.

Let’s take a look at the features on the roadmap one by one.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon is dominated by items to fill in gaps in content.

  • We’re adding a skill puck system that you can choose from when you level up.
  • We’ll be adding harder difficulties for more powerful protagonists.
  • New stages will be added to introduce new enemies and bosses.

We’re also adding support for custom keystrokes and controller compatibility for those of you who were bored with the old ones. Now you can right-click and dash, or use your controller to explore the dungeon from your couch.
We’ll also be improving various graphical and sound effects. The list is long, so we’ll be covering them in the patch notes.

A lot of the content in Coming Soon will be fully developed in the next 2-3 months, most notably the skill puck system and the new difficulty system, which will be available by December.

In Development

In Development is a collection of elements that will be added in the long term.

  • New Stages
  • New NPCs
  • New gun parts
  • New Heroes
  • New Ambassadors
  • A book that reveals the secrets of the game
  • etc.

We’ll be adding cutscenes to make the main story easier to understand, so that you can tell an interesting story. You’ll also be able to discover new NPCs and solve cases by interacting with new innkeepers. As you progress through the story, new elements will be unlocked one by one.

In Concept

In Concept contains the elements we envisioned. These are the things that we thought, “What if we added this content? Wouldn’t this system be more fun? These are experimental elements that we’ll take the time to develop. Maybe they’ll be added after launch, but no matter how long it takes, we’re not going to give up on the things that make the game more fun.

Word of Thanks

We’re still a small studio of six people, so updates may take a while. However, we’re not giving up and we’re going to keep working on the game to bring you the kind of fun we envisioned while developing Pixel Gun Master for a year. If you’re having fun with the game, too, let us know. We’ll be listening to your comments and advice on Twitter, Discord, and the Steam community.

To all of our Tumblebuck backers, our attendees at G-Star, and our current new players, thank you for supporting Pixel Gun Master and having fun with it! We’ll be back in the coming weeks with something new, so thank you again.