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Algor PEW PEW » Pew Pew Developers’ note 3/11/2023 (ENG/THAI)

We would like to inform you what we are developing on and what we aim to improve your experience.

New feature “Encore”
Following our plan, we are developing a new feature called “Encore” feature. It would be similar to other games’ “Endless mode” in the same genre but slightly different. We hope that this feature would bring more replayability to the game.

Qualities of life
About qualities of life, we will add more setting that let you play the game in full screen and toggle damage numbers. More visualization in HUD to make it easier to realize the game concept. Weapon opacity adjustment is also in the plan.

Game Control
We have seen many comments about the control and we have acknowledged that directional weapons are not enjoyable so, we have decided to add mouse control to the game. However, if we added it immediately with no additional change, the game will be significantly less challenging. To avoid those drawbacks, we will re-design some weapons before control change patch launching which would take us more time to serve you a better experience. And of course, we will add more friendly UIs for mouse users.

Character Skills
We also have gotten many comments about character skills which would give the character more uniqueness and complexity. In our early plan, we wanted to add them as upgrade for some weapons that relate to character although, agreeing with the comments, we would like to do additional research in this topic to make gameplay more depth.

Working on Medley mode
We have planned that songs in Medley mode will adjust their difficulty by their levels which should make Medley mode more enjoyable. Let us know if you have any opinion about this mode such as more customization to the stage.

Balance adjustment
According to many design changes in the future, we might not make any balance adjustment before the control is changed.

Bug fix updates
Bug reports are always welcomed in discussion. We distinguish bugs to 2 types: major bugs which cause game crash or stuck and minor bugs which cause malfunctions but not break the game. For major bugs, we will upload fix patches as soon as possible. In case of minor bugs, we will add the update with other feature updates or when we gather numbers of them.