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Battle Grid » PERKS UPDATE

  • Grid Upgrade Trees have been split out, and are now perks.
  • There is no longer a choice when choosing a perk, you can only upgrade it.
  • Increased perk choices from 4->5.
  • Receive a perk every 4 levels.
  • Nest bosses no longer drop perks.
  • Nest bosses now drop a supply drop.
  • A supply drop rolls 4 choices of random mechs or weapons, each choice has a chance to be a:
    • Mech upgrade (30%)
    • Weapon upgrade (30%)
    • Mech synergy upgrade (20%)
    • Weapon synergy upgrade (20%)
New weapon

A new Harvest Guild Arms weapon has been added: The Extractor.

Balance changes
  • All level 1 perks now increase existing stats, instead of adding.
  • Weapons buffed: Oil Trap, Creeping Scythes, and The Eye.
  • Weapons nerfed: Naga Chaingun, Chaos Emitter, Apocco Launcher, Doomwheel, Oscillator Rifle, and Obliteration Ray.
    Mech nerfed: Royal Harvester.
UI updates
  • Ordnance now shows a timer for team buffs.
  • Payment screens, damage leaderboard have an updated look.
  • New battery indicator to show when players will receive a perk.