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Dr. Professor Scientist's Weapons Testing Facility » Patience and Puzzler Major Patch

Patch Notes 1.3 Patience and Puzzler

New Game

Added a puzzle game within Dr. Professor Scientist’s Weapons Testing Facility. You can check it out in the main menu.


We now have a patreon where you can get various benefits. Of course you’ll get access to our games before anyone else. We will be making more remixes that won’t be available through DPSWTF.

Chill Music Option

A chill hop track list for those who enjoy some softer tunes while they play. Find it in the pause menu.


Game is overall as fast as before, but to dedicated players the early game tempo will feel a bit slower. We have doubled the slot activation speed from 0.1 to 0.2 & Lowered the enemy amounts to match.
The Doctor realized that in the end even though moving through hordes of enemies is satisfying, it is harder to analyze the results on the run. Now with fewer enemies and slower fire rates everything matches in better.

Now you can see the mayhem you cause and build it up to the crazy machines that you used to. And as some of you immediately think, yes this is a massive buff to the Rapid Fire component in the early game.

Quality of Life

A few big changes other than the core of the patch effects of better visibility to effects we have:
– Autonuke
If you would lose the game while having a nuke available it will nuke first, giving you another wave to work with.
– Highlighted Triples
You can now highlight three of the same component at the same tier, to see if they are ready for upgrading. Both as a clickable toggle and activated on the L button
– Hell Circle Tooltips
Now you you can see and read what the hell circles do when hovering over the skulls during gameplay. We may have had one one disabled on accident. So there is a new hell circle to play around with as well.

Spawn Changes

• Nestlings spawn later
• Nestling spawn rate reduced
• Nestling max speed reduced
• Hoppers now come in later
• Crabs now come in later
• Some enemies are now mirrored to make the masses of enemies a bit more alive


• Split Missile drop rate adjusted
• Split Missile damage upgraded
• Split Missile added secret stat
• Hellshard drop rate adjusted
• Hellshard damage significantly lowered
• Hellwave drop rate adjusted
• Hellfire drop rate adjusted
• Missile drop rate adjusted
• Damage Per Speed drop rate adjusted
• Damage Per Speed damage multiplier significantly increased
• Bouncy castle added modifier
• Bouncy castle can now drop on more rarities.


• Split Missiles aren’t behind enemies and ground effects anymore
• Bounce and Homing now work together
• Minor tweaks to firing modes
• A classic off by one error left one hell circle out from the game for quite a while, its back.