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Gun King » PATCH version 0.6 is now live!

Took longer than expected, but here it is v0.6. Introducing the new parts system. There is now a parts menu before the start (after choosing your gun) where you can choose your brain, body, and base. Reload button has changed to INTERACT / RELOAD. So by default the reload button is now “E” or X on controller. Left trigger / right mouse button is now the button to use abilities. Several abilities were added including a dash, weapon throw, spawning pawns, and more. There is still a lot of ideas I have for improving the game (upgrades, enemies, guns, etc). I plan to continue to update the game and just try to make it the best game I can make. Thank you for your patience and support! Hopefully you enjoy the new parts system and I’d love to hear any feedback you have.

New parts menu after choosing your gun and exiting the gun room. Here you can choose from three different parts, brain, body, and base. All have different attributes and will hopefully open up possibilities for even more builds to experiment with.

– QUIET MOVE: Chance to heal has been reduced from 2% to 1% when picking up XP.
– BACKWARD PAWN: Increased the the base damage given from 10 to 15.
– GAMBIT: Reduced the damage and rate of fire from 50% to 40%.
– BREAKTHROUGH: Reduced the rate of fire and reload speed from 10% to 6%.
– Poison damage increased from 2 to 12.
– Burn damage increased from 4 to 14.
– Base damage for Burst Carbine reduced by 2.
– Base damage for SMG increased by 1.

– Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when using proximity mines and there wasn’t any enemies.
– Fixed an issue when selecting the upgrade BACKWARD PAWN not applying the base damage to the pawn summon.
– Critical hits are now shown in yellow and regular hits are in white (if the damage numbers are turned on).
– Changed all weapons to automatic (no more click… I’ve seen numerous requests for this and while this was part of an upgrade. I think that upgrade was good enough on it’s own with just the +50% magazine size.