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Skelly Selest » Patch v9.2

In the General Settings a new Display option has been added called Fullscaling. It’s a bit of a mix between Fullscreen and Borderless Window so you can set a resolution for the game screen which is shown in the middle of your monitor and then any remainder space around it is filled with black. Useful for if you use an unusual monitor resolution and a cluttered desktop as it’s a more immersive version of Windowed mode. When set to Fullscaling the Resolution option will also change to Resolution Scaling (which you can adjust) to guarantee that the game screen will always use pixel perfect scaling no matter your desktop resolution.

//other misc changes
– The game will now auto-pause if a gamepad is disconnected during active play.
– Tome of True Names item: This will do now +50% bonus damage in all game modes (instead of doing different damage based on the game mode).
– Selestial Jewel item: This will now instantly give +666 score in all game modes (instead of giving different scores based on the game mode and only upon game completion). The item can now also be offered in the Necrotic Colosseum and Diabolus Rush game modes.

//bug fixes
– Exalt Husk vessel: Gaining Purity Hearts would cause a crash when entering a new stage/room.
– When using a generic USB gamepad it could always count as pressing Up-Left.
– Choose Blessing screen: An item wouldn’t have any attached Purity Hearts if you were the Exalt Husk or Accursed Haunt vessel.
– When using the Quick Restart option some items weren’t using the correct game mode specific descriptions.
– Tome of True Names item: The bonus damage wasn’t being applied if inflicted by a Familiar.