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Skelly Selest » Patch v9.1

//bug fixes
– You could be hurt during some cutscenes (notably during Boss death sequences).
– The Exalt Husk vessel’s final unlock sequence was a bit visually scuffed.
– The Sinned Animus vessel’s unlock sequence was a bit scuffed.
– Clashful Cards game mode: Changing this game mode’s options would cause a crash.
– Clashful Cards game mode: The Nascent Cherub vessel unlock card was in the wrong position.
– Diabolus Rush game mode: The Reaper enemies during cycle 2+ could still spawn even after the Boss had been killed.
– Escape Menu: The Quick Restart option wasn’t working during the Clashful Cards game mode.
– Accursed Haunt vessel: They counted as having the Swift Steel relic but it wasn’t added to their starting inventory.
– Accursed Haunt vessel: When benefitting from the Blade Sacrament relic the flame was in the wrong position.