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Boneraiser Minions » Patch v35.25

There’s now a Boneraiser Minions Demo so you can give those raised bones a quick fumble first to see if you enjoy it before stumping up that fat $5.

In the General Settings a new Display option has been added called Fullscaling. It’s a bit of a mix between Fullscreen and Borderless Window so you can set a resolution for the game screen which is shown in the middle of your monitor and then any remainder space around it is filled with black. Useful for if you use an unusual monitor resolution and a cluttered desktop as it’s a more immersive version of Windowed mode. Note when set to Fullscaling the Resolution option will also change to Resolution Scaling (which you can adjust) to guarantee that the game screen will always use pixel perfect scaling no matter your desktop resolution.

//misc changes (most of these are just to make the Demo nicer to play)
– The “translation_reference.csv” file has been updated (added: MnSet_Gen_Fullscaling, MnSet_Gen_Opt2_Scale, MtCl_Wretch_StartBarrow_Desc2).
– You now get +1 Gold Coin per second you survive capped to +50 (just to speed up the very early game a bit).
– The 2% chance of a run to count as if it was Halloween/Christmas mode has been removed (seems to just cause confusion).
– Boneraise Lore – Readers Digest meta: The Spell related bonus has been moved to level 3.
– Boneraise Lore – Architectual Blueprints: The level 2/3 bonuses have swapped places.
– Some of the second/third row meta in Boneraise Lore and Heroic Force have been moved around (eg Enboned Giant, Meldus Rituals, etc).
– Deprived Wretch: A new meta has been added called Chesty Cough Syrup which doubles the chance for Big Chestibooty Bros to cough up Relics/Scrolls.
– Some of the Depived Wretch’s meta has been moved around and the Boner Gang and Soulen Boners have been merged (to make room for the new meta).
– Behemoth Miner minion: You now need the Boned Burrows meta at level 2 to be offered this minion.
– Waxen Elven Enchantress minion: They can now also be raised by sacrificing 2 Keepers or 2 Scouts (instead of needing one of each).
– Lunatic Fanatic boss: Reduced the Damage his big swinging balls inflict to 14 (from 16).
– The transparency reduction of minions/pickups when there’s a lot of them has been slightly reduced.
– The Gold Coin and Gem pickups are now slightly darker.

//bug fixes
– Boneraise Lore – Enboned Giant: Level 2 didn’t mention it’s needed to raise Giantous minions.
– Deprived Wretch – Nimble Fingers meta: This was giving 3 general Re-rolls instead of them being Relic specific Re-rolls.
– Magma Gargantuan minion: His description was still referencing the Sinner minion.
– Minions summoned by the Giantan Summoner and Giantous Gianraiser were creating smoke effects that were ignoring the Ghostly Minions setting.
– Watering Can relic: There was a chance this wouldn’t instantly regrow contraptions if there was a menu screen immediately after picking it up.
– Important pickups weren’t flashing when they were about to time out (eg Relics).