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Boneraiser Minions » Patch v35.23

//misc changes
– The “translation_reference.csv” file has been updated (added: TrvEv_LostMaiden_HelpBone_Desc1-4, RI_MoneyBag_Desc2, CrtPl_GmMdMut_Awaken_Opt6, CrtPl_GmMdMut_Awaken_Tip6).
– Improved performance if you have a lot of minions.
– Creative Plaything – Mausoleum Awakens mutators: Added an Artillery Events option which won’t trigger the Cannon Balls and Ballista Arrows events.
– Travel Event – Lost Maiden: If you spare the maiden there’s now a 25% change she will give you a Boneraise.
– Money Bag relic: This now also spawns Gold Coin pickups over time.
– Flesh Cube relic: This now also destroys any Cannon Balls and Ballista Arrows they touch.

//bug fixes
– Quitting via the Title Screen may sometimes cause a hard lock for some.
– If you last played as the Fortuity Destiny class there was chance of the game crashing on startup.
– Settings – Player Health Bar: It could sometimes show a pixel of Occult Health despite you not having any Occult Health.
– Settings – Visibility: Changing the Ghostly Minions option wasn’t instantly updating the example minion’s alpha.
– Settings – Visibility: When using the Action Cam as the Imp Contraptineer class the build contraption menu wasn’t using the correct resolution.
– Hub: When entering the Hub for the first time the Boneworld Challenge’s door may not show the correct gem colours.
– Hub: The Barrow Boners had a habit of getting permanently stuck behind furniture.
– Imp Contraptineer class: Load the run of a Castle Conquest would reset the added costs of contraptions you have previously built.
– Creative Plaything: When using full Mouse Support the selector in some of the Mutator menus was off.