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Boneraiser Minions » Patch v35.21

//misc changes
– The “translation_reference.csv” file has been updated (added: “CrtPl_NoUnlocks1”, “CrtPl_NoUnlocks2”).
– Creative Plaything: During play you now can’t take any Boneraises/Relics/Spells you haven’t yet discovered (can cause issues with achievements).
– Giga Treasure Chests and the large enemy Cannonballs will now show over the Darkness vignette layer.
– Megas Meldsumossous minion: Slightly increased his attack projectile’s Damage from 9.5 to 9.75 (to improve his damage output against NGP enemies).
– Curse of Climate: Reduced the amount of lightning sound effects that were being played (was a bit noisy).
– Goopily Slimies stage: If it’s stage 1 then it will no longer spawn a Supermassive Slime (a bit insane to deal with so early on).
– Honeycomb Beehive contraption: This will no longer spawn Bees during a boss fight.

//bug fixes
– Being tabbed out of the game for a long time whilst the game is set to Fullscreen could make the screen go small when tabbing back in.
– Game Over screen: The Most Destructive Minions was still showing the old DPS counter.
– Traveller Event – Curse Wracked: There was a small chance it could trigger the wrong Curse.
– The larger x2 dark blue font wasn’t using the smooth ? symbol.