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Boneraiser Minions » Patch v35.20

//misc changes
– Hub: The fella that buys/sells Cards now has an idle animation.
– Hub: During Halloween/Christmas mode some of the tutorial ghosts have now changed position (otherwise they’re obscured by the seasonal objects).
– Halloween mode: The alternative cannonball sprites now flash (so are easier to see).

//bug fixes
– Hub: Opening the Memory Skull to view a past run would cause a crash (note viewing a run done previous to this patch will still cause a crash, but new runs shouldn’t).
– Boneworld Challenge – Fortnightly: Some of the Princess sprites would use the Halloween/Christmas event sprites.
– Game Over screen: Killing yourself via the Escape Menu or when winning a game mode would still show an enemy as the ‘Killed By’.
– Royal Guard enemies: During Halloween/Christmas mode their Meanie Outline wasn’t showing correctly.