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Boneraiser Minions » Patch v35.19

Tis the time of spooks and so a Halloween mode has been added. This works in the same way as the Christmas mode so just adds some seasonal sprite changes such as King Gigald being ousted by the Plump Pumpking. If you hate fun you can turn the Seasonal stuff off in the settings (or keep it on permanently).

The way your Minion’s Damage Per Second stat is calculated is now a bit different. Previously it would just keep track of how long the minion was Alive and how much total Damage he’d done and just use that to determine his DPS stat. The issue with this is a minion raised early on would have a lower DPS than the same minion raised later on as more and more meanies spawn later. Instead it now keeps track of Damage the minion does at a couple of set intervals (2 minutes, 5 minutes, All Time) and then uses which ever is higher. So typically all minions now use a DPS set within their last 2 minutes, though can fall back to the 5 minute interval during a long boss fight. This means all minions will pretty much use the same metric no matter when they were raised. The list of minion Damage shown on the Status Screen and Game Over are now ordered by DPS instead of Total Damage as it’s now much more accurate.

The Game Over screen now shows the enemy that mercilessly pounded you so tenderly.

A new meanie has been added called the Giga Chesty Mimic who like their little brothers will sometimes reveal themselves when you stray close to a Giga Treasure Chest.

2 new Traveller events have been added. The Curse Wracked allows you to choose a Curse, while the Fortuity’s Herald allows you to choose a Traveller Event.

//misc changes
– The “translation_reference.csv” file has been updated.
– Improved performance when there’s a lot of enemies.
– Compendium – Artefact Relics: Some relics have been re-organised so are now grouped with similar relics (eg defensive/damage/boneraise/etc).
– The Pumpkin Treat hat is now unlocked from the start and has moved next to the Santa hat (so can be used during the Halloween event).
– If an enemy dies and had a Deathen Curse then the amount of Health he had upon death is now added to the Damage stat of the minion that inflicted the Curse (so minions like the Tamed Necarch have a more accurate Damage stat).
– Berry Bro / Big Raspiberry Bro minions: They now have a higher base alpha so they’re easier to see when their head will explode (in case you have a low Ghostly Minions setting).
– Tamed Immortis Necarch: The amount of ghosts he summons and how long they last for has been increased (so the Necarch’s Damage output is more in line with the Werewolf Prince).
– Spring Sandals relic: This now says in its description how long the Haste duration is for.
– Aromatic Mushroom relic: This now says in its description how much it boosts Dashing.
– Ethereal/Desectrated Relics: These have swapped effects with each other (makes more thematic sense).
– Gemmy Lankler enemy: During Christmas/Halloween mode they will now all wear the Santa/Pumpkin hats.

//bug fixes
– Hub: If you played the Clashful Cards tutorial twice in a row then in the Hub it would spawn you at throne instead of the Cards door.
– Architect Mode: The Bigly Burly Boulder contraption was at the bottom of the contraption list.
– Castle Conquest: On a Royal Causeway map there was a chance the Trapsmithy event wouldn’t allow you to place any contraptions.
– Some classes that always start with a specific minion was still doing so even if it was Giga Banished.
– Some classes that have meta that boost the chance of being offered a specific minion had its description percentage wrong.
– Voodoo Shaman class – Zombroi Numerus meta: When raising a Brodacious Brozilla that sacrificed a Big Bro Zombroid then it was counting the Zombie minion max cap at +3 (instead of +1).
– Curses: There was a very low chance of it being a Curse of Climate.