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Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate » Patch v1.35: Fixes and small Balance changes

Hi everyone!

Here’s a new patch that fixes quite a few bugs that were reported to us and also includes some small balance changes!

v1.35 complete changelog:

  • [LANG] Piece’s names are now correctly displayed on undead armies description
  • [BALANCE] Undead Armies now reduces pawn hp by one
  • [BALANCE] Golden Aging now reduces king and queen hp by one
  • [BALANCE] one by one reloading removed from Church Organ
  • [BALANCE] Richard III reworked: -1 ammo_max, +1 firerange, +25% pierce
  • [ERGO] Title Intro now play only once when you launch game
  • [ERGO] Retry sequence is now active after resign
  • [FIX] Wizard achievement was fixed
  • [FIX] Imperial Shot Put added to the chase mode banned cards
  • [FIX] Stray pixels have been hunted down and decimated
  • [FIX] Philantropy now works even if Kingly Alms is removed
  • [FIX] Philantropy extra turns now bypass folly shield
  • [FIX] Chase mode unlocked too early
  • [FIX] Codex data now included in steamcloud save
  • [FIX] bishop move-grid now takes account of the red book
  • [FIX] stabbing the big king with Undercover Mission was fixed
  • [FIX] It’s now possible to throw a piece while moving with Royal Loafers even if you don’t have any ammo
  • [FIX] Shields are now totally removed on the same turn you put them to zero in options screen during game.
  • [FIX] Fixed hint display for knockback and pierce
  • [FIX] Kingly Alms is now added to needed card for Bunker & Philantropy
  • [FIX] Big King won’t step on zombies anymore
  • [FIX] Undercover Mission now only displays available missions
  • [FIX] Autoflipping white cards like Zealot or Witch’s Curse can now be deactivated with Undercover Mission
  • [FIX] Can’t lift anything with King’s Shoulder if you are already holding a piece or a cannonball
  • [FIX] Fixed some gfx problem with lifted pieces from the moat

Thanks for doing half the job by reporting the bugs you find! We hope this makes the game more enjoyable!

Oh also, shout-out to everyone who’s been streaming and making videos of the game, we genuinely love to see you play the game and we’re super grateful to you for helping spread the word about it! Special thanks to Aliensrock for boosting our sales since the update! Love your vids!

Have a nice week-end all!
-PUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞