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HiveCorp » Patch v.

Patch v.

Hello, Mercenaries!

Check out Known Issues And Solutions for more information on the current state of the game.


– Fixes to Monarch’s AI controller that could cause crashes for some players.
– Fixes to Monarch’s “On Death code” which could cause crashes for some players.
– Fixes to the Score Screen which could cause crashes after the end of mission timer had run out for some players.
– Added overall stability to various parts of the game.
– Trailblazer mission has been slightly nerfed to prevent people from being locked in on the first biome.
– A Backup system is now saving copies of your save game. Read more about it in our Community.
– 19 new Achievements have been added and implemented into the game.

Equipment & Loadout
– Explosive Shots talent has been fixed and buffed, now explodes as intended!
– Tesla Backpack now shoots more/longer lightning on rank 1.
– Sling Shot, Subzero, Space Ripple and Friction max ranks reduced to 4 (was 8). Their damage has also been greatly increased.
– Warmonger perk now grants Primary Talent points as intended.
– Rocket Boots now make you immune to Chill.
– Cluster Rocket’s size has been vastly increased.
– Experience Buff (Knowledge) duration increased by 100%.
– Bio-Enhancement Protocol now grants both a small heal AND a Regeneration buff when upgraded.
– Hellfire, a new Ultra weapon has been added to the game. It’s up to you to find the right combination.

– Mosquito and Gunnar have been revamped, be careful out there!
– Sentinels hitbox/hit-scan has been slightly reduced.
– Poison pools VFX have been improved and should now be more prominent.
– Enemies that explode now come to an almost halt before exploding.

– Game Mode and Version now displayed in the top-right corner on HUD.
– Warp Blade’s SFX is back in the game.
– Melter VFX updated, bubbles!
– Fixes to the Score screen which didn’t show the correct rank sometimes.

We’re continuing our effort to make this game run as smoothly as possible for all our players, and we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience it has been causing some of you out there.

Please continue to report anything that’s hindering you from playing our game!

Thank you all for your patience!

/Anjou & Veldt, Counterspell Studios