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LineHold » Patch Update & Quality of Life improvements

Greetings Guardians!

Here is another patch bringing more quality of life improvements and bugfixes!

Let’s take a look at the most singnificant changes!

  • Color coding for players – no each player has distinct color assigned to them!
  • Higher Focus Turrets – now laser turrets can shoot over smaller turrets like Double bolters and plasma turrets
  • Higher player damage – now that turrets are more efficient, player weapons have received damage buff to keep up the pace!
  • Improved visual especially for flamer particles
  • Optimization and many fixes

So go ahead and try out our demo!


We are still working on the demo and improving quality of life in general. We are also slowly shifting our focus to implement features like new classes and hub area in multiplayer!

Best Regards,
Line Hold Dev Team