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Infinity War Land » Patch Update (2022-11-18)

First of all, thank you for your support. The game is constantly improving. Thank you very much for your opinions. Because the engine of this game is made by itself, not a third-party game engine. Therefore, it is more difficult to modify some places. I hope everyone can understand. I will continue to improve the content of the game.

Update modified content:
1) Modify small monsters to not drop big gems when they die. Big gems can only be obtained by opening treasure chests, which requires you to keep looking for treasure chests.
2) Every 99 seconds, 20 treasure chests will be randomly distributed on the map and all mobs will be cleared. When you are close to the treasure chest, there will be arrows to indicate the direction. When you open the treasure chest, you will randomly get a large gem or a bunch of small gems or a chance to upgrade.
3) In the upgrade interface, a refresh button has been added, and you can refresh the weapons you need. Of course, you also need to spend 5 big gems to refresh the weapon list.