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Skybreakers » Patch-notes version V1.1.4

Version V1.1.4

“Hello, dear players! Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone. Following the Endless update, we have continued to optimize the game. In terms of visuals, there are new features for special effects transparency and damage numbers to enhance the gameplay experience. Both Yi and Haiyi have received optimizations,;and we have fixed a series of bugs related to achievements;

Here are the specific updates. Wishing everyone a delightful gaming experience!

New Features:
1. Added local clearance records for Endless and Swamp modes, allowing players to view historical data.
Displayed information includes the used character, weapon, artifact, and the number of demon generals cleared/total time spent on the final battle.
2. Added Effect Intensity setting , defaulting to 100% visibility.
3. Added toggle for damage number display.
4. In the weapon forging interface, the ‘Tempering’ function now supports continuous execution with long-press.

Optimizations and Changes:
1. In the Yi’s Frenzy state, immunity is gained (no longer receives damage).
2. When Haiyi’s Mirrors dashes, target selection is improved (first selects the target, then synchronously dashes).
Additionally, the newly unlocked bounds have a significantly increased appearance probability at the corresponding difficulty.
3. Adjusted the unlock condition of the Treasure ‘Qin of Fuxi’ to difficulty 2 (achievement updated accordingly).
4. Adjusted the unlock condition of the Treasure ‘Celestial Pagoda’ to difficulty 3 (achievement updated accordingly).
5. Adjusted the unlock condition of the Treasure ‘Tripod of Shennong’ to difficulty 4 (achievement updated accordingly).
6. Adjusted the unlock condition of the Treasure ‘Bag of Heaven and Earth’ to accumulate 2000 kills (achievement updated accordingly).
7. Optimized English texts related to Endless mode.
8. In order to help new players better understand the bounds mechanism, we have made guided adjustments to the appearance probability of bounds in the ‘Desert,’ ‘Grassland,’ and ‘snow’ stage levels

Balance Adjustments:
1. For the Treasure ‘Phoenix Feather,’ killing elites now grants 2 Xuan Iron instead of 1.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the issue of abnormal damage number display.
2. Fixed the issue of abnormal display of backstab probability after the battle ends (exceeding 100%).
3. Fixed the mutually exclusive relationship between the External Dao heart techniques ‘Fighting to the Death’ and ‘Fight for Life.’
4. Fixed the abnormal probability issue of the boss’s flaws (blue circle) appearing in the 30th wave of Extreme Abyss.
5. Fixed specific cases where achievements could not be completed.
6. Fixed an issue in the English version where the card for the Medical family displayed abnormally, causing the inability to continue the game.”
7.Fixed the bug where the next battle with a 70% health reduction card didn’t restore health after the battle ended.
8.Fixed the bug where MoTao’s Mongoose didn’t grow after killing a boss with her dash skill.