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Skybreakers » Patch-notes version 1.0.5

Dear beloved players,

Since the game’s launch, we have received your love and attention, and we are truly honored. At the same time, we are actively listening to your feedback.

In response to concerns about the high silent cost in the later stages, we have updated a feature that allows “selling” a whole bonds.

Additionally, we have addressed feedback regarding the overpowering negative effects of certain artifacts and adjusted them accordingly.
We have also fine-tuned the guidance approach in the early stages of the game.

Finally! for the highly requested “Endless Mode,” we have already begun its development. Once again, thank you all for your tremendous support.

Here are the details:

Version V1.0.5
New Features:
1. bounds Sale
The store can sell the bounds in the shop, and will return all spirit stones at the original purchase price.
2. New Golden Elite Monster in Battle (Probability of appearance)
Killing it will grant 100 crystals and 3 irons.

1. Adjusted the condition for unlocking difficulty levels to completing the final battle within 30 seconds before unlocking the next difficulty.
2. Changed the prompt for the 20th wave in the store to “Final Battle.”
3. Adjusted the number of heart law slots in the store to 4 and removed the purchase function.
4. Adjusted the explanation of the combo attribute (every 10 combos increase damage by x%).
5. Characters are no longer restricted to specific character completions for unlocking.
6. Added background color changes to character icons after completing different difficulty levels.
There will be a prompt for cross-difficulty challenges.
7. The background image on the artifact selection screen is now consistent with the background color of the character icon.
8. Difficulty names modified.

Balancing Adjustments:
1. The more you purchase the same bound, the higher the probability of appearance of that kind.
2. Removed the effect of reducing blood gas limit by 50% for the artifact “Bottle of Transmutation.”
3. Unlock condition for artifact “Qin of Fuxi” adjusted from killing 10,000 enemies to 2,000.
4. Unlock condition for artifact “The Kongtong Seal” adjusted from killing 2,000 enemies to 10,000.
5. Unlock conditions for artifacts such as “Lotus Lamp,” “Armillary Sash,” “The Kunlun Mirror,” “Nine Li War Drum,” “Tribal Drum,” “Immortals` Bane,” “Fire Whirls,” and “Fan of Yin Yang ” changed to unlocking with 15 corresponding family heart laws.
6. After equipping the artifact “Banner of the Four Guardians,” the Syncr bound “Wealth” (20% extra spirit stones at the beginning of the battle) will not appear in the match.
7. Price adjustment for the artifact “Phoenix Feather”: +30% in the store → 25%.
8. Monster health reduction for Difficulty 3 and Difficulty 4.
9. Improved difficulty curve for all difficulty waves.