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Tribes and Monsters » Patch Notes – V1.0.0c

We’re finally getting the S into TribeS & Monsters.

Early Access V1.0.0c

  • We’ve added the Undead Tribe with a new village, they’re still collecting the buddies and there’ll be some more units and hero joining them soon.
  • — To unlock the Undead you’ll need a Undead Key, currently purchasable via the Event Shop, head back to the Tribe selection and either drag over to the Undead or use the A and D Keys to circle through the selection.
  • The Debuff System got reworked and a new Debuff Poison was added.
  • We added the missing Halloween Skin for the Queen, make sure to unlock it before the release of our upcoming Event Blastin’ Holidays!
  • Changed the displayed Rewards for the Grassland Biome.
  • We’ve added the Linux Version of the Game to Steam, this is highly experimental and we hope its working it.


  • Fixed the Vampire Skin for the King, it no longer glitches around.

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