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Scarlet Tower » Patch Notes v0.9.2

Hey Guys!

Let’s go through the information about update v0.9.2!

    – New Glyph: Cold Blood (Vylat)- New Glyph: Vampiric Mend (Vylat)- New Glyph: Royal Blood (Vylat)- New Glyph: Crimson Defense (Vylat)- New Glyph: Crescent Winter (Ninn)- New Glyph: Eternal Freeze (Ninn)- New Glyph: Arcane Alacrity (Lance)- New Glyph: Twin Storm (Lance)- New Glyph: Arcane Power (Lance)- New Glyph: Arcane Shield (Lance)- New Glyph: Holy Light (Rhys)- New Glyph: God Touch (Rhys)- New Glyph: Pertinence (Rhys)- New Glyph: Angelic Reinforcements (Rhys)- New Glyph: Sun Shield (Allure)- New Glyph: Fire and Soul (Allure)- New Glyph: Samurai’s Fury (Allure)- New Glyph: Vital Cut (Allure)- New Glyph: Furious Star (Lyah)- New Glyph: Grand Star (Lyah)- New Glyph: Half Moon (Lyah)- New Glyph: Lunar Shield (Lyah)- New Glyph: Harvest of Hell (Veromus)- New Glyph: Harvest of Heaven (Veromus)- New Glyph: Azazel Contract (Veromus)- New Glyph: Power of Doom (Veromus) – Coin Bonus Altars (In the next version, there will also be temporary buff capabilities)- Crystal and coin merging system for performance enhancement- A ton of optimizations for PC and SteamDeck, in preparation for the biggest update ever, coming next month.
Next Update, Biggest Update Ever: v0.9.3 Bloody Gates


In the “Bloody Gates” Update (v0.9.3), we will introduce the Loyalty to Councils system, such as the Councils of Faith, Occultism, and Perseverance.

Each council will consist of 3 families, represented by 3 NPCs that can be found in the world. Finding and assisting these NPCs will make them join your group, helping you during the run, and they will be called “Allies” (the NPCs shown in the image above).

All weapons in the game will belong to a family. Obtaining a weapon from a family will unlock 8 talents from that family, which can appear as choices during leveling upːsteamthisː.

If you choose the Holy Bible, which belongs to the Paladin family, the following talents will appear as options for you during your leveling:

If you choose any minion-summoning weapon, which will be the new weapons added in the Bloody Gates update, the following talents will appear:

The talents have 3 categories:

Grade 1: Unlocked with normal weapons
Grade 2: Unlocked through fusion
Grade 3: Unlocked through the Black Altar challenge

Another new change in the leveling system is the Council Loyalty points, which will appear during leveling to increase the range of possibilities and build customization.

Allocating points to Faith will increase your physical strength and health.
Allocating points to Occultism will increase your magical armor and magical damage.
Allocating points to Perseverance will increase your physical armor and critical damage.

In addition to increasing basic stats, the points also drastically alter the mastery of each family. Let’s take an example:

Paladin Mastery Talent: Beacon of Light.

All weapons from the Paladin family have a 5% chance to unleash Beacon of Light upon dealing damage.

Beacon of Light emits a light that follows you, dealing 70 area damage per second and healing 20% of the damage dealt to all allies. +10% healing based on damage for each ally (NPC/Minion) on the field. Beacon of Light lasts for 3 seconds.

For every 3 points in Faith, gain +0.5s duration for Beacon of Light.
For every point in Perseverance, gain +0.1% chance to unleash Beacon of Light.
For every point in Occultism, increase Beacon of Light’s damage by +10.

There will be

80 new talents

in the Loyalty to Councils system.

Other additions in the Bloody Gates update:

– New Maps: Scarlet Tower – Floor 1 and 2 (Possibly 3). With various map mechanics and bosses.
– New Weapons
– New Achievements
– New Interface
– Translation Rework and New Languages
– Bestiary
– Armory
– And more….

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