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Scarlet Tower » Patch Notes v0.9.1

Hey Guys!

Let’s go through the information about update v0.9.1!

    • Corruption 10• New Map: Leviathan’s Lair (Ocean)• New Enemy: Green Jellyfish• New Enemy: Blue Jellyfish• New Enemy: Pink Jellyfish (Elite)• New Enemy: Shark• New Enemy: Sea Aberration• New Enemy: Eel (Elite)• New Enemy: Dark Crab• New Enemy: Angler Fish (Boss)• New Enemy: Octopus (Boss)• New Enemy: Flesh Demon (Plaguelands Boss)• New Enemy: World Eater (Corruption 10)• New Weapon: Octopus Staff• New Weapon: Vampire Staff• New Weapon: Deep Orb• New Fusion: Winter Staff• New Fusion: Warmth Staff• New Fusion: Darkness Knife• New Fusion: Leviathan’s Scepter• New Weapon Rework: Ivy Staff• New Weapon Rework: Horizon Staff• New Achievement: Slain Flesh Demon• New Achievement: Slain Octopus• New Achievement: Slain Angler Fish• New Achievement: Slain C10 World Eater on Nightpine Valley• New Achievement: Slain C10 World Eater on Plaguelands• New Achievement: Slain C10 World Eater on Leviathan’s Lair• New Achievement: Dance Teacher

    • Buff: Plaguelands now gives 40% more gold and nightshard• Buff: Dash range for all characters increased by 40%• Buff: Ninn’s Cosmic Orb now releases +2 projectiles• Buff Talent: Dark Link’s effect increased by 50%• Buff Talent: Sacrifice damage increased by 100%• Buff Flask: HP Regen Flask increased power by 100%• Nerf: Necrotic Orb cooldown increased by 35%• Nerf: Veromus’ Purgatory damage reduced by 25%• Nerf: Allure’s Dual Katana damage reduced by 8%

    • Necrotic Orb is no longer reddish (to avoid confusion with enemy abilities)• Several performance issues have been fixed• DPS values now display correctly at the end of the game• Familiar damage values now display correctly at the end of the game• Freeze issue on the Final Screen when winning a battle on some computers has been fixed.

Next Major Update: May 15~19

May Content Preview
• New Passives
• New Glyphs
• New Map Mechanics
• New NPCs
• New Major System for Weapons and Accessories
• New Map: Scarlet Tower – First Floor

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