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Solar Survivors » Patch Notes v0.5.1


  • Stage 1: Laser mini-bosses will now follow the player (same as in the beta). Having them stay still just wasn’t as interesting.
  • Stage 1: Added 2 more mini-bosses. The goal is to give new players more chances at legendary loot. Newer players tended to avoid the bosses and let them time out, and were missing out on a core game mechanic by not getting the boss drops.
  • Stage 1: Added a few more moments where you feel like you’re totally going to die
  • Stage 1: The stage boss has a new strategy: wiggle up and down slightly. This masterful counters the player’s preferred strategy of standing perfectly still in the tiny gap between lasers.
  • Codex: Increased EXP gain from 40% to 50%
  • Unstable Encyclopedia: Reduced EXP by half, size from 500% to 400%, and damage from 250 to 200


  • Updated the DPS calculation. For the statisticians reading this and wondering how DPS can be calculated multiple ways, consider this example: a bullet with 10 damage hits an enemy with 1 hp. Previous system would count this as 10 damage, but the new system counts this as 1.
  • Additional visual polish

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where increasing legendary drop rate actually decreased drop rate
  • EXP can no longer spawn partially off-screen