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Battle Shapers » Patch Notes V0.3.2

Hey Shapers!

Here’s a list of quick changes/fixes we made after our last major update!

Changelist 0.3.2

Gameplay Changes
  • Bosses will now be easier to fight before the player unlocks Ada core. A lot of you have been telling us the boss fights are too hard and we agree. A big part of this is that we’re asking you to fight them before you get your full set of powers, so we’re going to tone down their difficulty before you unlock your first core.
  • Overlord names are now the English names for French, German, Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing the entire wall to disappear when players punched a breakable wall
  • Fixed a bug causing bosses to not use their full roster of attacks when in the third tower of a run

Thanks to the whole community as always, hope y’all are loving the new update!