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Battle Shapers » Patch Notes V0.2.1

Hey Shapers!

We’ve got a list of bug fixes from the last major update (0.2.0), here are the patch notes for Hotfix 0.2.1!

Changelist 0.2.1

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing players who did not unlock the Needleator prior to Patch 0.2.0 to be unable to purchase any talent upgrades. Special thanks to all the players who helped us figure out this issue on Steam and Discord!
  • Fixed a bug causing bosses to be vulnerable during their intro cutscene
  • Fixed a bug causing the city to flicker outside of windows and in various cinematics
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to flip their camera upside down using weapon recoil
  • Removed legacy UI icons from the wall jump indicator when using the Wind Core
  • Fixed a bug causing “Upgrade Unavailable” text to linger on the player’s screen after a Power Transfer
  • Fixed a bug causing the Pyronaut to get stuck staring at the player aimlessly
  • Fixed a bug causing the Pyronaut’s corpse to not dissolve correctly
  • Fixed a bug causing parts of the Pyronaut’s corpse to disappear as the player got close
  • Fixed a bug causing Drone Bombers to explode immediately after spawning
  • Fixed a bug causing The Scourge’s reload sound effect to keep playing indefinitely if the player swapped weapons during the reload
  • Fixed a bug causing enemies to not spawn correctly in one traversal corridor of the Robotics Hub
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect text to be displayed when all modifier slots were filled

Thanks everyone! If a bug you reported is not on this list, don’t worry, we are still hard and work bugfixing and prepping new content for our next major update!