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HYPER DEMON » Patch notes November 2023


  • small skulls move slower
  • delay skulls spawning after teleport
  • fix skulls sometimes killing player when stomping spawner
  • don’t allow rail lock-on during spawner teleport


  • allow slide without cancelling scuttler gem dash combo
  • fix direct bomb hits sometimes not killing scuttlers
  • fix bug where falling scuttler can still kill you when you’re airborn/sliding


  • snake stomp consistency improvements
  • snake hp tweak
  • reduce delay on snake attack after spawn
  • 1 fewer segment of snake tail is collidable
  • snake will turn toward you if you get close to its tail


  • fix held items moving out of hand when changing direction rapidly
  • fix bombs exploding immediately after throw if thrown too horizontally
  • allow immediate bomb re-grab after bounce
  • gems can be grabbed with LMB while holding RMB, even if no gems held yet


  • fix centipede delaying spawns when killing two enemies at the same time
  • fix boss spawn not advancing if killing two enemies at the same time