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Heroes of Hammerwatch » Patch notes for version 104

  • Mercenaries now start with the squire pet selected
  • Fixed issue with deleting mercenaries from ledger
  • Arena now always gives 5 swords when beating it with a mercenary
  • Beating a dungeon in a multiplayer game while dead now revives mercenaries instead of incorrectly marking them as dead
  • Walking pet now moves a bit better and can now teleport to the player in some cases
  • Waning and Waxing Crescent can now be found in all dungeons, still requires completion of Moon Temple
  • Papers of Nobility are now attunable
  • Fixed some mistakenly placed destroyable secret wall parts
  • Fixed a spelling error
  • Fixed a glass walk not spawning correctly

We’re aware that there have been issues with multiplayer lately that are affecting a lot of people, sorry for the frustrations, we don’t have answers just yet, but it’s being looked into with our multiplayer service provider.
Apologies for the troubles everyone has been having, hopefully we can update everyone soon with a solution.