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Heroes of Hammerwatch » Patch notes for version 102

New features
  • Added two new drinks: The Smirking Shopkeep and Snake Blood.
  • Added cats and dogs as new companions.
  • You can now travel between the different hub areas with a travel service.

Various Changes and Fixes
  • A lot of tweaks to enemy NG+ skills.
  • Flaming Hounds: The projectile now loses more of its forward momentum when colliding.
  • Branding Ward: Increased trigger and explosion radius slightly. It should now trigger more easily on bosses.
  • Gladiators Net: Lowered proc chance from 20% to 10%.
  • Archives floors are now a bit bigger, but doesn’t get as affected by larger size modifiers.
  • Removed Magic Furnaces from mines.
  • Fix for multiple Vampire Lord bestiary entries.
  • Fix for Vampire Lord not spawning if you hadn’t picked up any crosses.
  • Fixed Fancy Plume allowing item duplication in dungeon stores when reloading.
  • Dungeon and Arena settings UI now has a slider, when hovering over the NG value, for changing the level.
  • Fix for dungeon settings UI always being available once you complete either campaign.
  • Speedrun UI now supports all dungeons rather than just Forsaken Tower.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Performance improvements.