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Heroes of Hammerwatch » Patch notes for version 100

Merry Christmas everyone!

As some of you may know, we decided to push the release of the Moon Temple DLC until next year, it was not possible for us to release it now sadly.
But instead we end this year with a big patch, taking care of more bugs, adjusting the balance, adding some more features, like the much wanted Fountain Preset-system.

New Features
  • When gambling in the Tavern you now have a chance to win bonus prizes in the form of Drinks, Blueprints and Dyes. Raise the stakes to increase your chances of winning higher quality prizes.
  • Three new Fountain effects: Expeditious Expedition, It’s Your Lucky Day and It’s Not Your Lucky Day.
  • You can now save your favorite Fountain setups with the help of presets.
  • New item “Golden Lamp” added for Pyramid of Prophecy owners.
Gameplay Adjustments and Balance
NG+ Progression Changes
  • Available NG+ is now unlocked across all campaigns. Including Arena.
  • The highest completed NG+ across all campaigns and heroes is now tracked by the Town.
  • Completing a campaign at a NG+ level that is lower or equal to your highest available NG+ level will count as the hero completing the campaign at that level and you will receive the corresponding rewards and effects.
  • In practice, this means your heroes can skip NG+ levels up to your highest completed across all characters and campaigns.
  • In multiplayer, when completing a campaign above your highest tracked NG+, it counts as you completed that campaign at your highest tracked NG+.

  • Blood Rite bonuses are now scaled up based on the current NG+ you are playing.
  • Retired Gladiator now tracks what upgrades you have bought on each hero, and respeccing upgrades is now free in gold up until the maximum-ever upgraded value.
  • Tweaked Magic Furnace costs. Available items to craft are now also limited by act.
  • Added an option for selling 100 ore at the Ore Trader.
  • Character list now displays if a hero is currently in a dungeon or not.
  • Improved the “mismatched mods” dialog.
  • Archives act is now a bit smaller and with fewer enemies.
  • Removed teleports in Archives that doesn’t lead you to a hidden room.
  • Removed wind between Great Threats in the Battlements act.
  • Reworked Great Threat in the Chambers act. You no longer face the Vampire when picking up crosses, he now appears instead of bats as the Great Threat.
  • The Thief is now more likely to spawn in Prison after reaching the Archives act.
  • The secret room with the duke is now more likely to spawn in Armory after reaching the Chambers act.
  • Nimbus now adds +25 HP and Mana per level to your potion.

  • Paladin – Charge: The Paladin will now only go through enemies if the damage instance kills them. Charge now also stuns enemies for 0.5 seconds in a small area on impact.
  • Paladin – Shield: Block arc reduced from 90/120/150/180/210 degrees to 80/100/120/140/160 degrees.
  • Wizard – Flame Shield: Cooldown reduced from 8/7/6/5 seconds to 7.5/6/4.5/3 seconds.
  • Gladiator – Trident: Movement speed penalty during usage was lowered slightly.
  • Priest – Smite: Smite no longer blocks the use of other skills when attacking.
  • Witch Hunter – Repeater Crossbow: Lowered the spread slightly.

Items and Drinks
  • Added two new item sets: “Rings of Recovery” and “The Shining Knight”, consisting of pre-existing items.
  • Markham’s set now gives +0.25 Armor/Resistance per item at step 3 & 4.
  • Reworked Wrath of the Thundergod: Now shoots 5 lightning bolts at nearby enemies when hit, dealing 10 Magical damage each.
  • Reworked Blood Dagger: Changed to 10% chance to regain 2.5% of your current Health on primary attack.
  • Ring of Arcane Powers: Now also has a 10% chance to restore all your mana when casting a Skill with a 2 second cooldown.
  • Mask of Bewilderment: Now also increases your damage dealt to confused enemies by 25%.
  • Spiked Boots: Increased damage from 25 to 50.
  • Cranky Clergyman: Changed the positive effect so it gives +25% Resistance instead of a flat +25 to Resistance.
Various Changes and Fixes
  • Added colored health bars to the Three Councillors.
  • Added missing stat for killing Thundersnow.
  • Fixed some Drink cost inconsistencies.
  • Fix for companions always facing right when idling.
  • Fixed floating texts not showing the correct amount healed by Remedy.
  • Fixed multiple healing floating texts when drinking potion.
  • Some character screen tooltip fixes.
  • Fixed Nimbus’ X-ray color.
  • Monstrous Eyes (Archives mini-boss) shouldn’t get stuck as easily in the Archives.
  • Various fixes and tweaks to different enemy skills.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the Defender’s Halberd.
  • Crash fixes.
  • Performance improvements.