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Kill The Crows » Patch Notes for v1.3.0 – Load Up That Silver Bullet

Howdy, gunslingers!
The v1.3.0 update – Load Up That Silver Bullet has been applied!

Load up that silver bullet
Seek what your heart desires
The Crimson Moon will consume your soul
For the gunslinger, peace never comes in the never-ending night

Isabella, facing the cultists who took everything from her 10 years ago, recalls her vow once more.
The promise that “No one here gets out alive.”
Even if The Crimson Moon claims her soul.

This update introduces a new boss fight and an ending to complete Isabella’s journey.
Additionally, a new difficulty selection system, based on community feedback, has been added.

The update details are as follows:


Patch Note

New Gear

The revolver Isabella used when she returned to the town has been added.

  • New Revolver: A new revolver has been added
    • Isabella’s Revolver: A revolver not different in function from Peacebringer. However, it holds a special power.

New Cultists

Terrifying bosses of the cult have been added.
Each of these fanatics shares a dark past with Isabella from 10 years ago.
Understand the new bosses’ patterns to defeat them and uncover the stories intertwined with them.

  • New Bosses: Two new bosses have been added
    • Shaman: A priest of the cult skilled in black magic. Hiding behind walls is not safe when facing the Shaman.
    • Hunter: A predator with terrifying claws. Be wary of the traps set by the Hunter.

Additional Content
  • An ending has been added.
  • A new difficulty selection feature has been added.
  • New steam achievements have been added.
  • The tutorial has been improved to cover more essential features.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where bullets would miss Slasher and Defender when they are attacking. (Goodness, Slasher was really parrying!)
  • Fixed the issue where unintended explosions occurred when Big Iron hit the buff range of Magician.

Thank you.