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Kill The Crows » Patch Notes for v1.2.1 – hotfix #3

Howdy, gunslingers!
We’ve received many feedback about 1.2.0 update from our community, so hotfix #3 has been published.


Patch Notes
  • The issue where cursed gaze auto reloads the revolver has been fixed.
  • Spread angle of The Partner has been slightly decreased.
  • Some wave difficulty has been changed.
    • We’d like to introduce new difficulty scaling system in 1.2.0 update, but we recognized that new system sometimes provides a negative experience. Therefore, we plan to roll back some of the difficulty system, improve it, and then introduce it in a new form in the future. We’d like to thank everyone in the community for the opinions and feedback.
  • Mac version is now available.

Known Issues
  • Sometime showdown doesn’t work as intended or breaks the game session.

If you still encounter any issues, please let us know through the comments or the community hub!
While we’re working on improving “Kill the Crows”, enjoy the game, and stay healthy.

Thank you.