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Kill The Crows » Patch Notes for v1.2.0 – As The Crow Piles

Howdy, gunslingers!
Kept you waiting, huh?
Update v1.2.0 – As The Crow Piles has been applied!

Isabella, a gunslinger burning with vengeance, continues her bloody path of violence.
Countless crow corpses pile up on the path she has traveled.
This tale of revenge is an eternal curse and punishment for both Isabella and the cultists.
And rather than escaping this curse, they are ready to reveal the aces up their sleeves against each other.

As promised yesterday, this update is a content update.
New revolvers, showdowns, passive gears, and tougher, more challenging cultist enemies have been added.
Balancing and some task changes have been made for more fun and comfortable gameplay.

The update details are as follows:


Patch Note

New Gear

Isabella returns stronger with new equipment.
Experiment with the gears and builds that suit you, and fight the cultists to the end.

  • New Revolvers: Three new revolvers have been added
    • Witch’s Necklace: Do you want some bullet hell?
    • The Partner: Shotgun shell is an always reliable partner.
    • Big Iron: Be careful not to get caught in explosions. (Unfortunately, Texas Ranger isn’t included)
  • New Showdowns: Two new showdowns added, and one existing showdown reworked.
    • Blue Constellation(Rework): Fires a magical bullet that tracks targets in sequence.
    • Dual Wielding: “12 is better than 6”
    • Piercing Moonlight: Fires a bullet that pierces everything.
  • New Passives: Three new passives have been added
    • Shot Glass: Give me a drink, bartender!
    • Fractured Horn: Defenders are no longer a fear.
    • XIX – The Blind One: Uncompromising, struggle, blind, downfall
  • New Tasks: Tasks for the new gear have been added

Check in-game for detailed effects of each gear!

New Cultists

While Isabella was preparing her new weapons, the cult also made thorough preparations.
Meet the terrifying cultists hidden by the cult.

  • New Enemies: Three new types of enemies have been added
    • Enforcer: Handles the dirty work for the cult. Never give them space.
    • Magician: The cultists have long studied black magic to communicate with the crow god. Magicians are those who use this forbidden knowledge.
    • Specter: Assassins secretly trained by the cult. They only operate when there’s a need for a certain kill.

  • You can now see the portrait and name of the enemy who killed Isabella.
  • The collision detection of enemy bullets has been adjusted to better match the visuals.
  • The restart button in the pause menu has been replaced with a loadout button.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the sound issue with Royal Gunsmith’s Custom.
  • Fixed the occasional odd pose of Isabella during boss fights.
  • Fixed the occasional sound cutting issue.
  • The Crimson: The movement speed during reloading has been adjusted to match other revolvers.
  • Pocket Cannon: Magazine capacity increased. (4 -> 5)
  • Tasks: Some task content has been changed.
  • Waves: Some wave difficulties have been adjusted. Now, after 901 kills, bosses will not appear, and automatically generated difficult waves will start.

Thank you.