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Peglin » Patch Notes for v0.9.40

Happy Holidays everyone! We come to you this holiday season with a new update for the game! This addresses a number of bugs, streamlines some of the initial experience with Peglin (the character) and adds some new enemies and encounters to the game, including the elusive Rainbow Slime.

Balance changes
  • Peglin loadout reduced to simplify new user experience and make synergies easier (Many self-damage orbs and orbs that affect the following shot have been removed from their loadout)
  • Ellucircle Ballusion grant from coin pegs reduced at levels 1 and 2
  • Opposite Rearction changed to fire more copies of orbs with variable force instead of one orb at an increasing force
  • Constricting Chains now grants a multiball in the opposite direction of the firing shot instead of a flat damage bonus
  • Refilibuster changed to damage all enemies instead of targeted
  • Orbrasion self-damage no longer increases at levels 2 and 3
  • Effects that would trigger Ballusion even when dealing 0 damage now no longer trigger it
  • Dragon’s Flame hits Peglin an additional time
  • Kobanorb gold production buffed slightly
  • Best Foot Forworb made common
  • Stone Upgrade Atlas scenario can now only appear when you have stones that can be upgraded
New Features

  • New encounters! New Mines Miniboss and two new regular battles.
  • Plenty of old art for orbs and enemies has received an overhaul – lots of outdated and placeholder-y art assets that have existed from the launch of the game have now been brought up to the current standards of the game.
  • Similarly, there’s been a minor overhaul in SFX assets in the game.
  • New Roundrel Relic, the Redoublet
  • The Qaballistic Ruins fight has been improved to preserve performance in low powered devices
An assortment of bugfixes as well, including but not limited to:
  • UI sound effects when purchasing orbs multiple times after battle now work properly
  • The Roundrel now keeps their hat on when celebrating a boss defeat
  • The Loading Screen animation should no longer bleed into the Castle map on non 16:9 displays
  • Round a Bout now is able to properly hit the Dragon boss when critting after Peglin has been pulled in