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Isle of Arrows » Patch notes for October 5, 2022


Today’s patch introduces new content specifically designed for new players. Since the release of the game, I’ve received a lot of feedback about the experience new players have in regards to the game’s complexity and difficulty. In order to improve the learning curve, a new tutorial campaign has been added: Training Grounds.

The Training Grounds is specifically designed with new players in mind

Training Grounds

A short new campaign that will act as the new tutorial for the game. Training Grounds consists of a limited set of tiles and cards from the core set which aims to reduce the complexity and difficulty for newcomers.
The existing tutorial popups have been redistributed across the campaign to avoid an overwhelming amount of information upfront. Additionally, a new set of training missions help players learn the game’s core mechanics.
Both Training Grounds and Archer’s Oath will be unlocked at the start of the game.

  • Towers now highlight which path tiles are inside the given tower’s range. Similar to this, traps, flags, and buildings that interact with other tiles show their effect dynamically during placement
  • The in-game options menu and game information menu have been split into 2 different menus. Clicking the guild banner will now open a menu that shows the current guild and active game modifiers.
  • The unlock structure has been slightly modified: Daily Defense is now unlocked by completing Training Grounds, Gauntlet is now unlocked by completing the Archer’s Oath.
    If you’ve unlocked Daily Mode prior to this update and would like to play it without completing the Training Grounds, please get in touch at
  • Added an option to disable clouds for people with simulation sickness and/or low end computers
  • Added an option to disable all keyboard inputs as a potential fix for a rare issue with camera drift
  • Included the subtle camera sway when turning off camera shake
  • Renamed Geysir tower to Geyser tower
  • A few encounters have their continue button renamed to skip to avoid confusion
  • The full version number of the game is now visible in the options menu

The new tower range dispay shows which path tiles are within reach

  • Lowered content unlock requirements to wave 30 for guilds and wave 35 for campaigns
  • Wardens now cannot spawn before wave 25 (was 24)
  • Changed the poison trap’s element to nature
  • Removed the path tile from the epic (purple) ice trap card

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the German localization for Hall of Flames
  • Fixed a wrong translation for the French localization of the Moat achievement
  • Fixed a issue that would sometimes show the wrong ground graphics when placing tiles
  • Fixed a bug with Toxic Leaf that made it apply to an additional enemy each wave
  • Fixed a bug that would not update Geyser towers after choosing the Dehydration bonus card
  • Fixed a graphical glitch that would make grass blades stick through dig sites and other tile modifiers