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Isle of Arrows » Patch notes for November 30, 2022


Today’s patch adds Simplified Chinese localization to the game, along with a few other smaller features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Please leave a comment here, on Discord, or through email if you encounter any issues.

Thanks for playing,

  • Added localization for Simplified Chinese
  • Added a popup with a few stats to the daily mode

  • The Replication relic will not appear in daily mode anymore

  • Increased the score counting animation speed after a game
  • Changed the color of the ‘start new game button’ to red to indicate it will override the existing save game

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the game from launching properly with corrupted save files
  • Added a missing description to the dice roll event
  • Fixed a bug that would submit daily mode scores from the previous day
  • Fixed the screen shake button not displaying properly in the options menu
  • Clarified the French localization for Horticulture