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Atomicrops » Patch notes for 1.5.3f1

Changed color of shadow vulture in desert zone 2 so it’s easier to see
Added Deervil Den to minimap
The Gopher holes near the bridges in farthest biomes open automatically as soon as player enters for any reason
Sprout Energy rework – Holds 3 charges, Blast is larger. Charge does not disappear when going to/from town or saving/loading.
Golden Goose drops more fertilizer and drops a lesser pigeon scroll
Added rewards to season tally
Removed scrolls from the gold and silver large bulb loot pool

Decreased difficulty of elite snowmen – they have slightly less health, bullet spread, and speed
Raised max chickens from 20 to 26 and increased egg value from 10 to 15
Whiskey Shot recharges tractor 35 seconds instead of 20 seconds
Reduced Mushroom boss reproduction rate and max mushrooms for later years
Reduced worm boss movement speed
Slug Blood Moon – decreased spawn chance for fire and banana slugs
Carrot Tractor no longer drops seeds
Carrot Tractor drops less fertilizer
Carrot Tractor combo window gets shorter each subsequent combo
Increased Sprinkler Tractor seed duplicating radius by 50%

Bug Fix
Fixed bug that would allow player to enter deervil den while being grabbed by the boss warp hole which would cause the game to softlock
Fixed bug that would apply surplus points to next run
Fixed bug that would cause Reptilian Solstice to add time to next run
Resilience can no longer cause crops to spread under Turrets when player has Turret Stakes
Fixed possible error when farm has too many crops
Fixed an issue that could cause Sprout Energy to not damage enemies
Fixed possible error when married to Waterchris
“Auto shoot while farming” option – when farming button is pressed/released it does not disrupt shooting if the shooting button is being held
Improved Golden Goose hitbox Balance
Golden Goose plays hit animation correctly –
Beeson Whisper now applies to beeson that are currently on screen
Moon can no longer be trapped in Deervil’s den
Fixed Hotwire and Whiskey Shot interaction – Damage taken from Hotwire properly adds a charge if player has Whiskey Shot