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Maku » Patch Notes #1 – Initial Fixes/Balance Changes

Patch Notes for Early Access v.0.2.12
Sunday, July 31st 2022

First of all, thank you all for playing and for all of your feedback, it has been a tremendous help in furthering the development and broadening the future of Idle Maku!

General Additions & Adjustments

Notable changes:

  • Ptera Dungeon & Mecha Hospital both have two new monsters, new attacks, and difficulty has been slightly scaled up
    (A new difficulty mode is planned, to include options for a more casual or hardcore experience)
  • The Slime Fields Slime Tanks will be easier to overcome early game
Adjustments to Weapons & Upgrades

Weapons and upgrades have been adjusted. Although builds synergize differently with one another, some weapons/equipment have proven to under/overperform on average.

Notable changes to weapons/equipment:

  • Ring of Fire base damage has been decreased
  • Band of Power base damage multiplier has been decreased
  • Regeneration Beads base health regeneration rate has been decreased
  • Binxie & Slime Friend area of effect, damage, and max level have been increased
    (Binxie’s Aoe is 1.5x that of Slime Friend’s, while Slime Friend’s base damage is higher)


Notable fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with Regeneration Beads effect carrying over into new runs.
  • Fixed post game/level up lockout
  • Corrected a multitude of sound effect channels